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    Develop your 'diversity mindset' and create more productive, inclusive & happier teams


    Organisations that don't start integrating diversity & inclusion into their core will soon get left behind. The Change Canvas provides a common framework to help teams & organisations reflect, plan and take action to improve diversity and inclusion. Users of The Change Canvas are realising business benefits and driving a collaborative movement for change.  



  • "The Change Canvas is the best tool I've seen for helping you figure out your vision for diversity and inclusion in your business."

    Gareth Williams, CEO, YellowDog

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    Sign up and we'll send you a link to The Change Canvas so you can get started. If you'd also like some support to get the most from The Change Canvas we can help with that too. We offer one off workshops, individuals programmes and group programmes with other businesses also taking positives steps forward on their diversity and inclusion journey.

  • The Collaborative Movement

    These are just some of our users and partners

    "For us it was a no brainer to adopt The Change Canvas to help our clients build diversity and inclusion into their businesses, as it is such a simple yet powerful framework."

    Sarah Williams, CEO, MangoHR

  • Time For Change

    Research and evidence show that diverse organisations do better. Diversity is a fundamental requirement for businesses to thrive and meet future demand. It is time for change. Diversity is not just a concern for HR professionals or those in the minority. Everyone has a responsibility to be informed, understand the diversity landscape and to take action.

    Just 17% of technical roles in the UK are filled by women

    The British Computer Society (BCS)

    The world could increase global GDP by as much as 28 trillion US dollars by closing the gender gap

    McKinsey & Company

    Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have higher earnings

    McKinsey & Company

    At age 15, fewer than 5% of girls compared with 18% of boys expect to have a career in engineering or computing

    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

    There will be 222,600 unfilled software engineering jobs by 2022

    Bureau of Labor Statistics

    Only 5% of technical jobs in the US are filled by black and Latino candidates, despite the fact that they make up 18% of computer science graduates

  • Our Vision

    We have a bold vision of a thriving and diverse technology sector where everyone has equal opportunities. Our mission is to drive change and inspire others to challenge the current status quo so that together we can increase diversity and inclusion and we can all be our best selves. We want the sector to thrive and continue to innovate with a workforce that is representative of the users we serve.

    What do we want?

    • We want a tech sector that is inclusive, openminded, fair and supportive - for everyone.
    • We want organisations to proactively encourage diversity and for everyone in the sector to understand the benefits that a diverse workforce can bring.
    • We want to see an increase in the number of women and ethnic minorities in the sector and for these groups to feel supported and empowered to contribute.
    • We want the technology creators to represent the broad spectrum of technology users today, becoming better equipped to cater for a wide variety of needs.
    • We want a thriving tech sector that continues to innovate by leveraging the different skills and perspectives of a diverse workforce.
    • We want a tech sector that won't be constrained by a limited resource pool, but one that can actively meet the workforce demands of the future tech-enabled digital world.
    • We want a tech sector that supports working parents to have both a fulfilling work and family life. 
    • We want our children to follow their dreams and not be pigeonholed or limited by their gender or race.
    • We want everyone working in tech to be the best they can be.

    What are we doing about it?

    We know our vision is bold. We also know that the only way that we can achieve it is if we work together. We have created The Change Canvas to give organisations a common framework to move forward together.


    Organisations that adopt The Change Canvas for Diversity & Inclusion can:

    • Stand out as a business that is leading the way in this area to drive meaningful change.
    • Be guided by an easy to use tool that drives engagement, action and results.
    • Be part of a collaborative synergy rather than an isolated effort - inspire others to get involved and support each other on a shared journey. 
    • Share knowledge, promote best practice and raise awareness.
    • Showcase, promote and amplify achievements and offerings.
    • Learn and be inspired.
    • Find relevant support, products and services.
    • Participate in the debate and dialogue and importantly give their people a voice.
    • Associate their brand with an important cause that will resonate with potential employees, customers and partners.
  • Help is at hand

    Use our tools and services to build more diverse, inclusive and productive teams.

    The Change Canvas

    A tool to drive positive change

    A framework to support teams or organisations to create a personalised action plan, make progress & celebrate successes in driving diversity and inclusion.


    Have a look at our 'Hall of Fame' for some inspiration and to see some of the incredible events The Change Canvas has been to.


    Build diversity and inclusion into the core of your organisation and reap the benefits with our unique, engaging, interactive workshops.

    We offer workshop options for management, HR or teams. Our sessions use The Diversity Canvas to support reflection, strategy and action planning.

    We also offer Lego® Serious Play® workshops. The combination of the freedom of Lego® and the focus of The Diversity Canvas creates a fun and impactful experience like no other.

    Inspiration to get people talking about Diversity & Inclusion

    Our 'Talking Boards' cover topics such as benefits, mindset, differences, maturity plus a whole lot more. They can help you to open the doors for dialogue and support your use of The Diversity Canvas to drive forward change.

    A tool to help understand the diversity & inclusion landscape

    An interactive and collaborative mind map to help you navigate your way through the complex and multi faceted topic of diversity and inclusion in tech.

  • About The Change Canvas

    For Diversity and Inclusion

    Why change?

    The world is waking up to the fact that we have a talent shortfall and a lack of diversity in our businesses. We need to rethink the way we attract, develop and retain talent and widen the net to give more people an opportunity to thrive and contribute. Companies that offer an inclusive environment for a diverse mix of employees stand to innovate, achieve greater financial performance and outperform the competition.

    We need to change the script

    The same actions will results in the same outcomes. Organisations need to take intentional action in order to drive change. This is why www.diversily.com has created The Change Canvas. It helps spark the right conversations to build inclusivity into our thinking and provides a common framework to move forward together.

    Stronger together

    Our mission is to drive positive change and The Change Canvas is a vehicle to encourage a collective movement of change. It is an open tool that we want as many organisations to benefit from as possible. We encourage businesses to provide feedback so we can continue to evolve the canvas and share the collective experiences. We encourage partners to build the canvas into their offerings such as consultancy, workshops or accelerator programmes. Let's celebrate our successes and move forward, faster together.


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